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  1. I just discovered that Jeff Lynne – one of my favorite singer/songwriter/producer types – worked with all the surviving Beatles on “Free as a Bird” as well as on various solo projects. Had no idea he’d ever done anything with McCartney as a solo artist. What do you think of the songs they did?

  2. Where is the chewable Kraig teacher???
    Nice to see you are keepin’ on keepin’ on…
    glad you are healthy and happy, miss chillin’
    and eating Mexican food with ya homegirl!!!!

  3. Yeah ! A blog by a white Hindu! I’ve been looking for something like your blog and the post by Western Hindu from the UK showed me the way to this. Sign me up!

  4. frequent nightly barefoot golf course quests are your lasting legacy to LarryP awareness…
    for all that has been ~ thanks!
    to all that shall be ~ YES!

  5. I’ve been barefoot many years, have always loved it, I’m glad you enjoy it and hope many more will do so as prejudice recedes. Bless you happy

    • Oooh… Australia… I’ve heard they’re less uptight there than here in the (ahem) “land of the free and home of the brave.” Is it so that your personal liberties are respected and you are left alone to go barefoot as you please?

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