img_4508ASK JUSTINE…
OK, here’s where you get to ask your questions, do NOT ask anything creepy or mean-spirited or I will call you out on it in public. Be cool, play nice, and ask thoughtful kind questions. And yes, you can ask me about my feet… but don’t ask dumb shit like what size shoe I wear… I don’t wear ‘em.

Place your questions in the comment box, and after I approve it, I will respond in kind.

So… who’s gonna be first?

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  1. Hi Justine,
    As a barefooter I have sometimes come across the barefoot police. These individuals did not want accept my explanation that I have hard calloused feet and therefore I am not worried about cutting or injuring my feet. I even explained to them that going barefoot in most places is legal and there are no laws against it! Any suggestions when dealing with the anti-barefoot types?

    • Oh… THOSE assholes. No, don’t deal with them, you can’t win, they’re positively stuck in that weird cowardly uptight ignorant indignant place. Here’s how I deal with it… I find places where the people are cool, loose, and know the laws. It’s a losing battle to fight those people, they not only can not, but will not be willing to consider it. However, with places like Walmart (which I ethically hate) who does not have a “no bare feet” policy, when some uptight prick or biddy comes down on me, I call corporate. Last time I found a reasonable woman at corporate who stood up for me, and the next day I had apologetic calls from two managers, one of whom I now use to say “Talk to assistant manager so-and-so…” in case I am harassed again. If you do not find a sympathetic individual at corporate, call until you do, it helps to mention that you know they do not have such a policy. Sorry my answer is so wholly unhelpful and disappointing… but no, there’s nor reasoning with frightened and uptight people. Bummer!… Next question…

  2. Thanks. I never thought about going to upper management because I felt they would also be jerks about it. Also, there is a woman at my bank that always makes flirty little comments about my bare feet and even has said several times that I have “really nice feet”. I don’t mind because she is so nice and cool. Besides the foot fetish types which I’m sure flood your website, have you ever had people make flirty comments about your feet in your daily life, whether stranger or someone you know?

    • Yes, Neil, I get flirty comments, which at best I rather enjoy, and at worst are inappropriate and creepy if not downright predatory. One day I will hear the right flirty comment from the right guy (or gal), and who knows…

      The ones that freak me out are the ones that come when I am alone on the street and some stranger says something revolting like, “I’d suck those little toes…” such comments only come from the least appealing sorts of men.

      Honestly, I figured by now I’d have enjoyed more of the sweeter flirtations… but it hasn’t worked out that way.

  3. Sorry to hear about the creepy, predator like comments. I guess as a guy I am not as likely to deal with such assholes! You seem like a cool, creative and spiritual person that doesn’t deserve such treatment, but then again no one deserves to be mistreated! You are also very attractive so I’m sure the right guy or girl will eventually come along. Keep them bare and fuck the gross jerks that say nasty crap about your bare feet!

  4. I go barefoot to stores and restaurants all the time and very rarely have any issues at all. I am constantly spreading awareness and acceptance for the barefoot lifestyle, not only for myself but for others as well. Sorry I don’t have a question at the moment. :-)

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