Welcome to SAW (Sequential Artists Workshop)


SAW (Sequential Artists Workshop) in Gainesville Florida is not only where I work, teach, and make my art, but is at the moment one of the most important places in my life. SAW (thanks to Tom Hart and Leela Corman) is a place people go to be encouraged in their passions, particularly their passion for sequential art (or “comics”). It’s where I teach, and I’m damn glad that after so many years of wandering that I have landed there. It’s also where all the pics on my site (so far) were taken.

At SAW we are expanding our reach by leaps and bounds, not only by expanding our curriculum, bu also by expanding our reach into on-line teaching, lessons, tutorials, and more.

I have created all of my Hindu art there and am working on another project as well. As I write I am 3 weeks into a 5 week class I am teaching on professional illustration and inking techniques, and if you check the link below you can jump in and join in on the next class.

Additionally, stay tuned for other SAW events including a film festival series run by yours truly… ME… Justine, called “Barefoot Justine’s Guignol Film Festivals.”

Stay tuned and be a part of the SAW experience.

New Class starting July 11:


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