Another LongGood Day


Another day spent well in Gainesville and regretfully ended in Ocala. I don’t really have anything (besides the obvious) against Ocala… it’s just not for me. I finished the freelance job I was on then taught my class at SAW. Tonight in class we talked about alternative inking styles, primarily as they apply to comics, and I did a demo showing them how to ink with toothpicks and skewers. When I was in Chile teaching there was nothing to draw with so I started doing ink drawings with toothpicks. Gloriously, tonight, the demo went well. When working with something as unconventional and problematic as toothpicks and skewers there’s really no way to guarantee results, especially when done live in front of a gaggle of staring students. These students, the sort Tom attracts to SAW, are positively a delight, dedicated, passionate, deeply interested, fascinated, and so appreciative. And all the more glorious, I think I changed some lives with my toothpicks! A few of them really caught on and really got into it, and made some remarkable progress. I was as excited as they were. Note to anyone considering using toothpicks… YES, it does matter what kind of toothpicks you use, just like anything else, the wrong tool (even as primitive a tool as a toothpick is) can frustrate the artist and deny them the results they deserve. Here’s the secret… they gotta be wood, and they oughtn’t be waxy… the color toothpick we had were waxy. The simpler the toothpick the better. I hope to upload what I did with toothpicks tomorrow.

On the side, being barefoot all the time is spectacular, but sometimes I take it overmuch for granted. I try and stop myself and realize just how sensual an experience it is. All day and night in Gainesville I kept having these little tickles of appreciation for it. I need that to happen more often. And I can make that happen. I can cultivate a more attuned sensuality. Keeping things fresh is really about never taking anything for granted. Feel, Be, Appreciate, and be forever mindful. I AM Barefoot Justine!I try to let life melt in my mouth like a bite of luscious dark chocolate.

These blogs may confound some, but they are going to be as much about life and art as they will be about sensuality and spirituality. I plan to digress and give far too much information.

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