Late Again


And again I return to Ocala from Gainesville completely exhausted and content in equal measures. Again I spent the day doing what I am meant to be doing and being who I am meant to be being. But in order to do what I am meant to do and to be who I am meant to be I have to work hard and accept that I can’t do this without ambition… though it is exhausting having ambition again… after so many years without. I am a Phoenix rising from the ashes of self denial and many mistakes. I will align myself with my sva dharma.

The project I am working on is going well, paying well, and is being gratefully performed. I would not mind working until midnight or later if all I had to do was bike a few blocks home, but instead I have to drive to Ocala and sleep on a deflating inflatable bed in a room that is not my own and in a town that won’t have me.

Temporary, it’s all temporary. But, it’s good, so good to feel a fire in my belly again and to have a destination… Gainesville.

And I am full of gratitude and a deep desire to sleep.


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