Barefoot, some thoughts


“On the side, being barefoot all the time is spectacular, but sometimes I take it overmuch for granted. I try and stop myself and realize just how sensual an experience it is. All day and night in Gainesville I kept having these little tickles of appreciation for it. I need that to happen more often. And I can make that happen. I can cultivate a more attuned sensuality. Keeping things fresh is really about never taking anything for granted. Feel, Be, Appreciate, and be forever mindful. I AM Barefoot Justine!I try to let life melt in my mouth like a bite of luscious dark chocolate.”

I typed that in yesterday and realized it seemed somehow out of place in my diary, as if this were far too personal, but it isn’t.

Why do I go barefoot? is probably the first question, well, to that I ask, with equal dumbfoundment… “Why don’t you?” I want to feel the world under my feet just as I want to taste food, smell the air, see the world, and hear the music all around me (except rap… that’s just noise pollution–sorry, but I intend to be honest here). I can’t imagine why anyone would want to wear shoes anymore than I can imagine anyone wanting to go around with a blindfold on or earplugs in! Being barefoot is one more–and the most delicious by far–way to engage in and experience the sensual world. When I am barefoot I am in-the-moment entirely. It is almost impossible to leave your home barefoot and NOT be in the eternal NOW. I can’t imagine suffocating or cutting off that world of experience by stuffing my feet in those dreadful bacteria incubators everyone else calls shoes–and sandals aren’t much better. Feel the world. Freedom.

Besides, life’s more fun barefoot!

Lots more to come.

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  1. Justine,

    The comments on this entry on your blog are deeply thoughtful and inspiring.

    As an aspiring barefooter myself – I am exploring and enjoying the experience so far – I have pondered this very same question as of late. I just wanted to share just a couple of quotes I came up on my own:

    • Living barefoot is like experiencing the world through a new sense: “Suddenly, the hiking trail has a texture; you feel the cool dirt on your arches; the leaves and the grass ticking your toes. With enough practice, you feel your feet flexing when you step over rocks, and your toes spreading open when propelling yourself forward. You perceive the warm temperature and rough texture of the asphalt in a parking lot, and the contrast to the cool tiles on the floor inside a store. And you get your soles nice and dirty! It is a wonderful experience to say the least…”

    • “The world is a far more interesting place when experienced through your bare feet…”


  2. as a man, I thoroughly enjoy being barefooted, Justine !!!!!! I also polish my toes . do u have any thoughts on this, for me ???? thank u, scotty .

    • Well… it’s up to you, but I say go with gender-defining accessories and colors. Wear masculine adornments, masculine colors. Look for images of tribal societies, see what the men wear about their ankles. Color-wise, it seems to me earthy colors might be nice, burgundy, deep midnight blues… or go out, buy a nail buffer and go with a clean polished look. I think for a man that would be best. Those little buffers come with 4 sides, and your nails could really shine and look cared for. Most men do not care properly for their nails. Also, once you buff them, polish them with a mix of tea tree oil and coconut or olive oil. Massage that into the nails and wipe away the excess. They will shine beautifully! The coconut oil or olive oil is good for shine, the tea tree oil is good to kill or keep nail fungus down. Keep your nails trimmed, long nails catch on things and tear off… trust me on this, I KNOW! Perhaps this isn’t what you are after, but since you asked what I think… that’s what I think.

      Oh, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, do NOT wear polish all the time or you will develop fungus. Take polish off after no more than a week and apply your oil and tea tree oil mix inbetween to keep your nails healthy.

  3. As a fellow barefooter (always inside, on my property, and in the neighborhood), I appreciate and am inspired by your words to be barefooted even more often. Thank you for your beautiful website.

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