First Gainesville Guignol


Last week, here in Gainesville I accidentally breathed new life into the Club Giugnol here at SAW. Tom Hart suggested I continue my little movie nights, then decided to really play with that idea. For our first Guignol at SAW we had a nice little turnout of open-minded individuals who responded with warmth and enthusiasm to what was shown, realizing, as I do, that exploitation films are much more than something to get drunk to and laugh at. They are Cinema (with a BIG “C”!) They were the birth of independent film, and often a serious (though low-budget) exploration of obsessions and fetishism. Our program that night included:


(Mostly bootlegs) Paul McCartney and Wings 1972 (YES… Wings ROCKED!!!): The Mess, Wildlife; from 1975: Letting Go, Soily; from 1976: Soily, Maybe I’m Amazed; and lastly Paul’s Nasty fall on stage followed by Jenny Wren.


Ghoulardi clips: scenes from the Ghoulardi show, Ghoulardi was a late night horror host that took Cleveland by storm in the early sixties.

Our feature:

Vampyros Lesbos: Jess Franco’s stylish classic.

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