Why Don’t I Own Shoes?


Why don’t I own shoes? What made me decide to swear them off? I believe my first post answered that, but I guess what people don’t understand is my obsessive decision to never wear shoes at all. Well, again, I think I answered it… “obsessive.” And, it’s fun, and it’s who I am and who I want to be. After cancer and nearly dying in a SCUBA diving accident your life comes into perspective. I am going to live MY life and I am going to live it MY way with no concessions.

Plus I took a little influence from another remarkable barefoot woman, Olga Gavva, who also decided to refuse to wear shoes. If Olga can do it, so can I.

Was the decision hard to make? No. But sometimes, especially at first I wondered “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” But now I have work, have a life, and have a future, so it was very much the right decision for me.

I don’t just go barefoot, I AM barefoot.

I go barefoot therefore I am.

Peace love and bare feet,


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  1. Awesome Justine. Olga was also the person I followed and she encouraged me. Like you I am barefoot. I threw out all my shoes as well. One of the best thing I did!

  2. Thanks for your comment and input. I wasn’t wearing my shoes anyhow, but one year ago this month was when I finally decided I was done with shoes… so it’s been a whole year since I’ve even had them around. I burned mine!

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