Another Day


Another day in Ocala. I hadn’t realized it until Tom pointed it out, but on my home page I wrote that I reside in Gainesville. A strange bit of wishful thinking, unintentional but beautiful and dreamy. Soon.

Another day in Ocala means precious little to write about. It means I wait.

Tomorrow I go to Gainesville to work on my studio space in the loft at SAW. An artist’s loft… a loft studio! It’s almost corny it’s so dream-come-true. Dreams come at a cost, don’t they? How much have yours cost? Or have you not invested in yours yet?

Talked with my mother today, it went better than I had hoped. Oddly, a few months back, just after I prayed to Lord Ganesha I had the chance to clear the air with her of many obstacles, and just today, the very day my Ganesh pendant came in the mail, she called. I trust Lord Ganesha. I lay myself and my obstacles at his feet.

For some time today I floated in the pool, rained on, delighted. After all… I live in Florida! In my studio space at SAW I realized that not only did I have my loft studio space but that when I walked outside… I was in FLORIDA! I’ve dreamed of living here for years, years! And now I have to make it work. I have nowhere else to go, no home to return to, no fallback. THIS is it. I live in Florida now. I’m not on vacation, I’m home. Or close… so close. Tomorrow, in Gainesville, I will be home.

I know so many lovely people in Gainesville. Slowly I am building faith in a sense of community. I am not a drifter just passing through. Soon I will be one of them. Lakshmi is providing through Tom at SAW, Ganesh is removing obstacles through Tom… then of course there is the gratitude I owe to Tom himself, a man of unshakable patience, a man who actually believes in art and artists and literally puts his money where his mouth is. I have to give him more. The best I can give him now is endless thanks and action. His dreams are worth working for. Thanks Tom.





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