Class Over


My first class at SAW is now over, the whole 5 week session. It went really well. I had great students. We start a new session in three weeks and should have most of the same people again. They learned a lot.

Lots of free floating stress right now. There is lots of pressure… and more coming. Lots of movement, none of it fast or profitable enough.

And now, again, I am terribly tired and in need of moral support, company, and cold hard cash, all of which are in very short supply. It’s lonely in Ocala… terribly lonely. I have the school, I have students, but no one special to lean on. No friend to go out with, to rely on. I have students, a great employer, but no one close personally. I could use someone, and some friends, people who wouldn’t mind listening or helping me out. It’s lonely and seems lonelier every time I have a problem. I’m fighting the war alone.

“You never need to worry about me, I’ll be fine on my own
Someone else can worry about me
I’ve spent alot of time on my own
I’ve spent alot of time on my own”


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