Wicked Thorns and Scorpions


There are some serious dangers here in Florida for bare feet. I once walked across the street to check out the vacant home and found my feet full of wicked little needle-sharp thorn balls… that were hard as hell to get out as they were little balls of thorns that stuck in my fingers as I pulled them out.

Last night I came home and found a scorpion on the front porch! I guess I have to watch every step around here. Fortunately the scorpions here are small and not lethal, but I guess they are worse than hornets when they get you.

Gonna have to be vigilant barefoot here.

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  1. growing up in daytona beach i know those things well… call em sand spurs. beware if walking south of the holy color garden, i yanked dozens outta my feet last week. i suppose they’re seeds and just wanna be spread, but damn! i prefer dandelions…

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