Happy Birthday Paul McCartney


Yeah, I know, he ain’t gonna read this. But I’m not saying it for him.

Happy Birthday Paul McCartney.

Putting such things into words is ridiculous. There’s no way, as a fan, to express these things without coming across as vaguely pathetic, naive, or sappy. But, I have to say that McCartney’s music, his ARTistry, what he has to say and how he says it has touched me more than the work of ANY other artist. THAT is a big statement to make, but for me it is absolutely true. His work has been a part of my life since even before I knew who Paul McCartney was. His music spoke to me well before I had become a fan, and his voice, particularly with Wings, was a huge part of the soundtrack of my childhood. The sunniest days of my youth all through the magical summers of the 19(insert decade here… I’m NOT telling you how old I am)’s were filled with his songs. And later his work carried me through the darkest days of my adulthood. his compassion and insight, tunefulness and delightful whimsy, anger and pain were always there as something beautiful to hang onto even in the worst, scariest, or most painful of times. Whether I needed inspiration, hope, a good wallow, cheered up, invigorated, or whatever…  his work was there. His versatility and endless courage and curiosity as an artist never bored me.

I thank God for Paul McCartney. At one time I realized that I could not even imagine what my life would have been like and would be like if his voice hadn’t been there, and I don’t merely mean his singing voice, but his voice as an artists, as a poet, and as a tunesmith. For me, without McCartney’s magic my life would be very different, and I don’t know if I could bear it. I don’t merely like your music, Paul… I NEED it.

So, Paul, some of us get it. Some of us don’t buy the bullshit, some of us know that not only is it nonsense that “Paul McCartney hasn’t done anything worthwhile since the Beatles,” that in fact you have done your very BEST work since the Beatles… and still are doing your best work. Some of us know that Wings was a real band, and in fact one of the most influential and powerful bands of the seventies. Some of us see the deep wells of mysticism in the “rubbish” of your lyrics. Some of us understand that melody does not make a song “dismissible.” Some of us know that craftsmanship counts. Some of us know that you KICK ASS and always have. Some of us know your work is profound and even transcendent. We are there, we listen, and we love what you bring into our lives: Music, love, comfort, a full range of emotions and experiences.

Keep it coming Paul… and for Chrissakes… STOP doing these lame Beatle tribute tours… you’re better than that! Stop being Beatle Paul and start being PAUL McCARTNEY!!! You ARE a whole artist, complete, and worth all the passion I feel for your music.


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