Missing the Snow… No… Really!


I’ve been watching Olga Gavva on the net (famous Russian barefoot woman) and seeing her in the snow made me tingle very pleasantly. I really really miss being barefoot in the snow. It was one of the most thrilling, challenging, delightful, dangerous, and at time annoying things about always being barefoot. The winters back in Ohio could be brutal, and there were times I simply chose to stay in rather than go out into THAT barefoot. I especially hated having to shovel the drive, though once I was out there and knee-deep and numb from the ankles down I loved it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am much happier in Florida and I really loathed the snow… the constant dirty cold relentless gray skies and soot-crusted snow.

Dear God… and the SALT! How I hated the salt! It wrecked my soles and skin, but I had learned how to cope with it.

Well, I guess I don’t miss the snow at all, but I do miss the thrill of living barefoot through the winters. But I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m staying right here in sunny Florida! Lovely Olga can have the snow all to herself. Now, if I can just get used to the scorching blacktop out here…


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