I was reminded today, by the partner of one of my students, that I have a blog, and that perhaps someone is reading it, and that I have been neglecting it. So I write. Sometimes I do not know what to say… actually, that is not true in the sense that I have nothing to say, oh, no, I have lots to say. What I struggle with is “WHAT” to say… or more to the point, what not to say. What is appropriate? Students read this thing. How much do I want them to know? How personal or emotional do I want to get? How do the things I blog about affect my credibility in the eyes of students and colleagues?

Of course I have no idea how to answer these questions. I know what I worry about is very much in conflict what what I personally want. What I want is to simply tell the truth… or at least the truth as I see, understand or feel it at the moment.

So, how about some news? I am moving, to Gainesville at last. The physicality of that is finally happening. I have a place and I have stuff in it… and at the moment I have sinuses full of the dust and cobwebs I cleaned out of that place. Emotionally, as is almost always the case, I am conflicted… terrified that I can’t afford the rent (absurdly low as it is) and terribly excited about the place. Ultimately I have no choice but to make it work. After all, if I can’t make it work, where am I going to go? I have nowhere to turn. No family to fall back on, no friends with money… it’s all me, me and several hundred bucks. It’s a bitch.

But it’s good. I am happy here, and I have hope that I have finally found my path.

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  1. Justine ~ I appreciate what you have to say and respect you for opening yourself up to your readers and students alike. You’re a lovely person with SO much to share with your students and others. I can’t speak for your students and colleagues but reading your blog reminds me to be present & caring of all those that surround me. Gainesville is lucky that you’ve decided to call this little ‘ville home. Welcome!

    P.S. You’re lip gloss is the most lovely shade of fox tongue pink! 😉

  2. Thanks for the comment… greatly! I always hope that my site and blogs will be interactive (that people will participate).

    Thanks also on the lipstick. I so wish we lived in a world where women still used bold and colorful makeup ala the sixties and seventies.


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