I’m a Bad Girl!


I know, I know… “I’m a Bad Girl” as a post entry carries with it certain expectations–which I am not about to meet. I am a bad girl ’cause I haven’t been keeping up with my blogging or my site.

So, to keep you up (those of you who read this stuff), I am doing great!

I am doing great!

Oh, there’re problems, there’s stress, but so what, when isn’t there? But the stress, my stress, is happening around a person (me again) who likes herself (all too well… and perhaps a little too often–nudge nudge wink wink) and is living a life that seems to finally be fulfilling itself–its potential. I love my job, I love my studio, I love Gainesville, the people around me, I love where I live, and I love where it seems I am going.

And all this after years in a ghetto (don’t kid yourself akronites… I was mugged at gunpoint in the “good part” of the square) and whenever I looked out the window I saw ghetto stuff being done by ghetto people, cops, knives, stupid behaviour, destructive behaviour… THAT was what I saw out my window. I had started believing I was “one of them.” But here, here in Gainesville at the lake house, from the window in the room I rent I looked out into the forest beyond the glass and watched a beautiful fawn grazing in the undergrowth. Yes, I went from some dreadful hip hop movie to Bambi. And yes, I will take Bambi any day. AND… the very next day I looked out and saw a family of wild turkeys in the same place, two adults and ten chicks… GODDESS they were beautiful! No one got shot and the police never came. Here, I am glad to say… I am most definitely one of them!

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