Post Mortem


So I did my first live “Get On the Right Thing” radio show today… honestly, it was pretty rough. There were four really BIG blobby technical errors on my part, which ruined the flow of the show for me. First my computer got bumped and came unplugged mid-song, which meant the power went out (no battery) ON THE AIR so I had to hustle, talk into the mic. find the right CD, boot up the CD player, figure out which slider operated that volume, and play the song all while nervous and annoyed. Then two songs later I forgot to turn down the volume on one CD so the next song overlapped on the song I was trying to play, I forgot to turn volume down and yet again later and had a song I didn’t want to play come in while I was talking, and for some reason I could not get the last song to play at all, so I bailed.

WOW… what a drag! But, the up-side is, it was my first show and I was pretty much learning on the spot, The bigger upside is that I have a plan that can keep all those problems from happening again. I think next time it will go a lot smoother. I expect some gaffs, but hopefully not so severe or so many. Now I know what to expect and i can plan for it.

If you haven’t been paying attention, the show is on at 11am on Thursdays… and if you heard this one… please, stick with me, it will get better!

“Get On The Right Thing” on

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