Get On The Right Thing – Show #3


Well, show 3 has come and gone, and though there were a couple flubs, overall it went really well. The topic this time around centered around the fabulous b-sides and bonus tracks that have become a treasure hunt among McCartney fans. The material was amazing this time around (though it always will be and has been so far), especially in that the material is somewhat obsccure.

I am getting better at the radio show “thing,” feeling less nervous and less worried about each show. It is live radio… and THAT element sucks for me… I really hate being caught with a mistake… I’m an artist, I’m used to using the hell out of my eraser. There’s NO eraser here! Ugh!!!

The next show will either be a sequel (there are so many b-sides) or it will be on the topic of his father and how he and his music have had such a profound influence over McCartney. That, or perhaps I will finally delve into the deep topic of the strains of mysticism that have always run through his work.

However it goes, tune in Thursday mornings at 11am for “Get On The Right Thing – McCartney Reconsidered with Barefoot Justine” at,

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