It’s All In the Details


I’ve really been pounding away at this class and the topic of “Details.” That aspect of my work has often been commented on, which would mean nothing to me as people always go gaga over detailed work, but they also comment on the clarity at the center of the details. The clarity is really the more important part of that… detail without clarity becomes nothing more than clutter and line pollution.

In the past I have had to research other people’s views and lessons on art and art making, always bothered that I seemed incapable of articulating things without the guidance of teachers and artists far greater than I, but for some reason with this I have had LOTS to say. I know what I’m doing and thinking when it comes to the subject of details and detailed art… and of course “CLARITY!” My observations and thoughts are clear enough on this topic that I can trust solely on them.

I may not have many students for this round, but the few who will be there will be in for a BIG treat! I am incredibly excited about this class and figure the groundwork I am laying now will serve SAW, Tom and I, for years to come, as this class will no doubt be repeated.

Somehow I have managed to distil into a 6 hour workshop years of concepts, observations, and techniques into a teachable and actionable class.

This class will be very satisfying not only to me, but especially to my students. I have no doubt they will more than get their money’s worth.

Oh, the class is this Sunday, September 9th 2012. If by chance you are finding out about it for the first time here, go to the SAW site and sign up if you’d like.

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