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People Coming Around!


Finally, people are coming around on McCartney! I’ve read a couple great interviews and reviews. And JUST as I KNEW was the case, his once Maligned and misunderstood albums are finally being viewed as so far ahead of their time that people just didn’t get it and weren’t ready for it. Found this:

Journalist: I suspect the sweet-toothed ballads are a key reason why critics undervalue left-field experiments like McCartney II. You were always seen as the lightweight, palatable, family-friendly entertainer whereas John Lennon was the difficult, dark, raw artist. It became a lazy caricature: good cop, bad cop.

Paul McCartney: Yeah, that did happen a lot. I kind of put that right in Barry Miles’ book, Many Years From Now. I don’t know what it is, maybe being Gemini, but I definitely have different sides to my character. So I can love Nat King Cole singing a ballad, and I can want to do that kind of thing myself, and then the next day I can wake up and I want to do ‘Check My Machine’. I’m not a one pocket guy, I have loads of interests – and that does get you in trouble. People say, ‘How dare you step outside your box!’Well I’m really sorry about it but I’m actually doing what I want with my life. I do sometime think I could just shut up and rest on my laurels and say: you know what guys, I’ll operate out of the pocket you put me in…. but no way! No way I’m gonna do that! I’d just get bored stiff the first minute.

And found this:

“Ram is a domestic-bliss album, one of the weirdest, earthiest, and most honest ever made,” wrote Jayson Greene in his review of the album’s recent deluxe reissue. “What 2012’s ears can find on Ram is a rock icon inventing an approach to pop music that would eventually become someone else’s indie pop.”

TESTIFY! Amen, brother… testify!

I guess the McCartney bashers and boneheads who are too cool for McCartney are finally being outed for the pathetic dinosaurs that they are and always were. Yes, cool guys, you were wrong about McCartney. Accept it and whither.



“I used to think anyone doing anything weird was weird. Now I know that it is the people that call others weird that are weird.”

Paul McCartney

I know that sounds simplistic, but I know how deep the struggle is between thinking anyone doing anything weird is weird and knowing that it’s people that call others weird that are weird. That journey is long, bumpy, and requires a lot of courage.