My old friend stagefright reared his ugly head again tonight. I thought I was over that, or only had it when I performed music… NEVER when speaking in public… and WHY the hell did I have stagefright at the Conch, when I had NONE last time?

It’s a mystery, and it bothers me… though not too much. I just hate having no control over my timing or ability to recall details when I’m nervous. Last time my timing and delivery was great, this time it, frankly, sucked.

Ugh, perhaps I’ll sit the next one out, or at the very least I’ll sit it out if my gut is telling me to stay put (which it was doing all night tonight). Always listen to your gut, unless it comes to food, then listen to your brain, or at least have your brain and gut confer.

What the hell was I talking about? Oh… stagefright. Yeah, big disappointment for me. I think I felt like I did so well last time that this time I felt like I had expectations that I would do even better. Not so.

Justine… keep your ass off stages. They are NOT good places for you. You are not comfortable on them.

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