Monthly Archives: March 2013

Gig Over


Well, the gig’s over, the loaded one, sober, first in years, first in this key, first in Gainesville. It saddened me to face the fact that the demon Stagefright is still with me. I had hoped I had vanquished that beast, but no, there it was, stealing from me, bastard thief that it is, stealing my voice, my agility, my rhythm, my confidence, my intensity, my focus, all the things he always stole from me. The performance, it was good enough, and good enough only, but terribly sad to know that I have lost this battle to this demon. I am furious.

Essentially this is why I quit playing out all those years ago, battling this demon also takes every ounce of fun out of performing, because I know that I will never perform to my potential so long as this battle wages. I think perhaps it might be best to fall back on the decision I had made years ago, to play to my heart’s content, but not in public. Yet the desire to play out burns in me. Why?

Audiences never seem to notice it, but I am in the constant grip of nervous fumbling and insecurities that tap all the strength from my vocals, and of course from my fingering. So many times I missed things on the guitar and with my voice that I KNOW I can do.

No decisions about the future of my performing have been made, but for now, I am greatly annoyed that it felt so panicky the whole time. I am also pleased that I know it could have been much much worse. Overall, I would honestly say the performance was mediocre at best, certainly not inspired, certainly not a trainwreck or embarrassment, but certainly dogged by demons.

Well… fuck!

First Gig In Years!


Well, gang, it’s coming, my first gig in years! Several years ago I swore off performing, and about 2 years ago I sold off most of my guitars and packed up the rest. But now I’m back, and this Friday, 3/29/13 at SAW during Artwalk, I will be performing my first set in many years. if you’re around, come on out.CONCERTb