SAW Year One Lives On!


It was amazing. The year is over but we ALL (all the students and Tom and I) got together tonight at Satchel’s Pizza to celebrate Adrian’s comic that he did for Satchel (and he actually made money!) then went back to SAW to watch a Spike Jones documentary. God was it a lovely evening. I think the warmth is so evident in this photo. Too bad you couldn’t see Sally or Anna (my two favorites, I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but their work stands head and shoulders above the rest-wink-). And to top it off, the photo doesn’t make me want to cry, I actually think I look rather pretty. And to the barefoot fans who read in, of course I was barefoot!Barefoot Justine Mara Andersen and students from SAW enjoying Satchel's Pizza

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      • I always keep track. And all my smart ass comments come from drinking the sauce,ha. Yeah, I was hoping for a new show. You erased one that you were not happy with. But I saved it and play it. Going to listen to the knew show after midnight as always. Take care.

        PS- That picture with all the smiling faces made me want to visit even more.

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