Attachments, the Lake, and a Rainbow


I have been plagued by a singularly powerful attachment for some time now, and as usual, in the end it has really caused me pain and frustration. Today, obsessed with it, I rowed out onto Lake Newnan, paddled to my favorite place to take a nap, and napped on the boat. When I got up I decided to LET GO. And by let go, I mean ritualistically, consciously, do a great BIG letting go. I meditated, performed a little personal ritual, looked up… and right there in the glory of my letting go I saw a rainbow directly in front of me! It was coming down from the clouds, partial, and I watched it reach the ground, smiling, ’cause I knew what this meant, and what it meant was that this was a thing that needed let go of. It meant that my letting go will hold, and that I must not become attached again. The rainbow held for a long time, and as I started home, it slowly receded back into the clouds, then disappeared.

I have let go. Om Namah Shivaiya!

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