Not Rockshow Too…!@%$$!!! (Review of the new McCartney and Wings Roskshow DVD)


Yep, Paul McCartney & Wings Rockshow too. Before this gets going, to all McCartney fans… I LOVE McCartney and Wings, and I have waited for Rockshow to be released since I was in high school, so my beef is NOT with the material, it’s with the product. Yes, indeed, Rockshow too. I’ve noticed this with the McCartney Years (which featured videos that were so obviously shot in TV aspect ratio and not in cinematic–widescreen–aspect ratio), and with tons of other movies ranging from Peter Sellers to Charlie Chaplin and Jess Franco films, and what I’ve noticed is that this “widescreen” thing is a huge scam. Rock videos were never meant to be W…I…D…E….S…C…R…E…E…N. In other words, people, here is what is going on, DVD manufacturers are imposing black bars over the picture to force TV aspect ratio pictures into widescreen aspect ratio. Or worse, films that were originally widescreen were cropped down once at the sides to fit onto your TV’s, and now those cropped versions are being cropped again top and bottom to fit on your new widescreen TV’s meaning that essentially the image you see is now at at least 50% what it was meant to be in the beginning. In other words large segments of the picture are gone and the compositions are shot. Ever wonder why watching some of your favorite movies has become a claustrophobic experience? Well, ’cause those damn phony black bars/widescreen images are closed in tight on top of people’s heads where once there was room. This is a widespread problem, and it reveals the folly of this whole widescreen craze. Some things were NEVER meant to be shown widescreen and should not ever be forced into a widescreen format.

Regarding this case in point I compared (side by side on two different screens) my bootleg version of Paul McCartney and Wings Rockshow with this new DVD and noted that the bootleg actually was MORE complete! Yes, the picture in the bootleg was not cropped or edited down, not like with the official release, this is why I am such a fan of bootlegs, because at least bootleg product comes from good honest people who present their products in good honest ways rather than trying to manipulate their customers and films to suit a fickle mania… this mania being these damn widescreen TV’s.

And this is one more reason that I am out. I am out of the technology race, out of trying to keep up with the latest formats, done buying officially released DVD’s, simply done trying to keep up with this crap. From now on, make mine bootleg! So, in sum I’d like to say that Eagle Rock can shove this new Rockshow DVD up their widescreen asses. Any questions?

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