My Idyllic View


Sometimes I feel like barefoot Briar Rose out here with my animals… oh, the hummingbirds, deer… oh… and… ‘gators! Anyone remember what the view was like for me outside Rhodes Ave. Akron? Well, this is the view from outside the bank of windows that run the side of my room… straight into the forest:
Taken 5 or 10 minutes ago. Paradise, anyone?

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  1. Gorgeous! I was looking out my back window this morning and thought the neighbor’s dog had gotten out again. Then I realized that it was the biggest fox I had ever seen, happily trotting his way through. Wish I had been quick enough to grab a camera!

    • The fox sounds great, I think I saw one out here once, they’re pretty scarce. I mostly post this stuff for people back home who may be wondering whether or not I’ll be moving back… no way!

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