Justine’s Unpopular Opinion #995


Oh God! Dear God! I try, I try so hard to NOT be a loner, to try and “get” this culture, this time, to get along, to find a place to fit in. In that spirit I decided to forgo my contempt for tattoos and join the SAW gang in getting a little discreet SAW tattoo. I just wanted to be “in” for a change. For once I did not want to be on the outside of an activity because of my standards, standards that keep me home alone most of the time. I just wanted to be “in”



No, I went to the tattoo “parlor” and sat in the the waiting room, mired in ugly death metal, ugly people, ugly badass testosterone bullshit, ugly skulls with ugly flames and ugly daggers on hairy ugly legs. Sleazy, the whole place was sleazy, and NOT in a fun Jess Franco sorta way, but in a way that is reductive. The whole place was wallowing in darkness, aggression, hostility, and the loss of hope that these times have instilled in people. I felt miserably uncomfortable, in fact, sick to my stomach. In fact, as I sat in that tattoo “parlor” I realized that every single thing I hated was in evidence in that room. Every single thing. It was as if I was being shown a sneak preview of a hell that has been designed especially for me if I’m a bad girl.

I got the hell out of that dreadful negative environment and got home as quickly as I could and am now baptizing my ears in “Hope Of Deliverance,” and still feeling (45 minutes later) my lip curled in disgust, my stomach still knotted… STILL!

So, I guess as it turns out, I hate tattoos, and I HATED that place, that horrid horrid place so full of ugliness.

No more, Justine, no more. Be true to yourself, your standards, and let them have it. And if that means spending your life alone… so be it.

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  1. The token of the modern epoch is combat boots, not bare feet. There is no doubt about it. I see the tatoos, piercings etc as a sign of the new barbarians. I admire people who fight with the coming barbarism and ignorance, like the writer David Brin whose blog I regularly read.

    Still, don’t you have a circle of precious friends who share your outlook and with whom you can be yourself? I do, luckily.

    • Thank you again and as always for your lovely and thoughtful input. No, dear “Vas” I do not have a circle of friends who share my outlook… I have ONE friend who shares my outlook and he lives 15 hours away by car. We do not get to see each other. Honestly, it gets lonesome.

      I get your point about the combat boots and barbarism, and it is similar to how I feel. I feel that we have created a culture that admires “Badass” testosterone-infected assholes… and unfortunately even the women are falling for it. In America it seems that the new feminist ideal for the modern woman is to act as stupid, “tough,” and “hardcore” as the men. Women are calling each other “dude” these days… I cannot abide that at all. I don’t get it, somehow in women’s struggles for equality we are slowly losing what is beautiful about the feminine spirit. I guess that’s not too far from your barbarian concept, is it? As for me, I prefer to be a barefoot woman who wears make-up and enjoys forbidden feminine things, things that are no longer popular at all, and I damn well expect doors to be opened for me!

      Tattoos are just a sign of the times, more ugliness for an ugly era.

      This world is not my home. My Goddess breathes femininity, beauty, skill, craftsmanship, melody and harmony, color, peace, and love; the God of this time and place breeds cynicism above all else, disharmony, noise as music, aggression, ugliness and lazy half-assed art.

      I am slowly realizing that my solitude is perhaps inevitable.

      • I always enjoy reading your more philosophical posts. I think we have much in common in our outlook.

        Sorry I have not introduced myself properly. I am Victor from Tomsk, Siberia, Russian Federation. I work as a network engineer. I also was a bit of a musician (not any more) and worked as a sound operator, so I am not quite alien to the fine arts 🙂

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