Happy Birthday Deva Ganesha!


Lord-Ganesh-9This is the birthday of Lord Ganesha, who has granted me many gifts, and has removed obstacles so large that without his help I would have been unable to remove them myself.

While living in the dreadful city of Ocala, under a pair of demons, I wandered into a spiritual shop and saw a beautiful Ganesh, but I was too poor to purchase him and take him home. I asked the shopkeeper if I could pay for him a little at a time, which I did, with patience and diligence.

Many weeks later I returned to take my Ganesh home from the shopkeeper, but when I returned to the prison of Ocala and the pain of my obstacles, I found that this Ganesh was chipped and broken. At first I did all I could to restore my murti, but there were too many little chips. I was determined to take him back.

Back and forth I went to Gainesville, eager to get out from under the demons imprisoning me… the lives of the demons had become an obstacle I could not remove. I had suffered under their madness for many months, but was trapped in this obstacle, as I had a duty that I was obliged to perform. So badly did I need and want out of Ocala, but it was hopeless, the demons were only willing to free me after their obstacles were removed. My obstacles, it seemed, had obstacles, and they were immoveable, and would perhaps not be removed for many more months.

I looked at my Ganesh, determined to return him the next day. I did not want a chipped murti.

But, that very next day the demon called me aside and told me that their obstacles had been removed and I was free to go immediately. Suddenly my obstacles, too, had been removed, and I was overjoyed!

This Ganesh, chipped and broken, stands now in the room of my freedom and overlooks my world of wonder as Lord. Now no soul may enter my room without falling under the protective gaze of Lord Ganesh, who stands guard, as he was created to do for Parvati.

Today I am grateful.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!

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