Queenie Eye (McCartney)


Paul-McCartney-0713-3“Life’s a game,
Rags from riches,
Dogs and Bitches,
Hunt for fame.”

So often I lament Paul’s choice of singles, but not this time, he nailed it! The sonics of this song are spectacular, the arrangement perfect, and the structure as potent a mix of pop and art as ever’s been created. Though I cannot read the lyrics they are full of punch and vigor. I’m feeling like a little girl at Christmas with this album being less than a week away.

It will stun me to read and see people picking at and criticizing his stuff with the same flaccid grudge-filled cliches, I mean… shit, the music of THIS man is astounding even if you take out of account the fact that he is so obviously as inspired at 71 as he was at 21. At this point if people can’t get over themselves and see how profound a gift it is to be alive while Paul McCartney is making music… to heck with ’em!

This tune is as relevant, fresh and punchy as anything I’ve ever heard. It is alive and now in sound and inspiration. “Queenie Eye,” like McCartney himself, is full of delightful surprises and complicated turns.

So few things hit me with that feeling of being flooded with joy and energy, hope and tingling, so when I am hit with that vivid experience, it resounds. This song, each time I listened to it, filled me with the same goosebump chill… it’s a feeling many of us don’t often capture as we get older, but I am open and work to find those moments. With “Queenie Eye” I didn’t have to work for it at all.

Listen to the song at this link: http://www.directcurrentmusic.com/music-news-new-music/listen-paul-mccartney-queenie-eye.html

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