Sanity Returns!


Oh yes, after months and months of not being able to get out on the lake due to a compacting against the shore of the floating islands, I got out on the water today! Many of you may know that last year getting out on the lake in a kayak kept me sane, kept me rooted, spiritual, and helped me release tension. I have really missed being able to get out there and nap while the eagles and osprey flew overhead.

Glory be, our neighbor paid $2,500 (yeah, you read that right) to have the floating islands, that were destroying their view, ground up by some wicked machine. Fortunately we (Joe and I) were able to get out after 6 months landlocked, but what we hadn’t counted on was the acre of shit-like muck left behind… it was literally like (and literally smelled like) we were rowing through a sea of cow crap.

But once we worked through the acre of shit… it was smooth clean water. I don’t know, but it seems to me there was something symbolic about the whole experience. It always seems I have to row my boat through an acre of shit before I can enjoy any piece of mind or beauty.

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