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Marquis de Boehner


If you want to understand Republicans, read the Marquis de Sade.

I am not joking about this, far more than Ayn Rand, the Marquis de Sade exemplified in his writing what sort of devilry goes on in the heads of Republicans. It’s quite disturbing that his belief system so mirrors theirs.

A Vacation From My Head


(If you bother to read this, please do not take it too seriously, it’s like a rotten Dr. Seuss rip-off that doesn’t work… and I am not worrying about that either!)

I am taking a vacation from my head,
I’m not worrying about that,
not this weekend,
No tit no tat.

I am not worrying about…
Foodstamps or Republican bull,
Gardening or Garfield,
I’m gonna be cool.

I am not worrying about my standing,
In the courtyard or at home,
In Ohio or Florida,
Or wherever I roam.

I’m not looking at paperclutter,
And my email can wait,
And so can we,
And I may be late.

I am not worrying about that,
It is my stay away,
From my head,
Friday through Sunday.

I am not worrying about,
Who I love or who I hate,
I may dally as I said…
I may be late.

I am not worrying about my health,
Nor healthcare nor cancer,
Not now, not me,
Today I am a dancer.

I am not worrying about this poem,
It was written free,
So everyone knows,
To leave me be.

I am not worrying about being so alone,
Nor being away from my pad,
Nor who I may see,
Nor even my dad.

I won’t worry because,
I have people to see,
Plenty of grass,
And a good look at me.