Wonderful New Photos Of Barefoot Justine


New pics of (Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen by Haley Stracher!

Imagine any woman’s body issues times TEN! That, folks, is me… and I’m sure that those of you who know me will nod and understand… considering the circumstances. So, I have had this little fantasy that one of these days I would find someone to take pictures of me, pictures of me that would show me as I HOPE I look rather than pictures of me that spotlight how I fear I look. I had a feeling this could and would happen, and I am delighted that it has happened and has happened now. I got a call from Haley Stracher (wix.com/haleys728/1) who started taking kind and caring photos of me for a project she is doing in which she wanted to document the daily life of a cancer survivor. Some of these photos are playful and posed, but even those are pretty much an extension of the vain and self-conscious way I live.

The photos below are all raw and from her files, unedited, no retouches… just me and her taking lovely photos with available and natural light. The beauty is that since there are no filters and no Photoshop trickery, I know that this is actually what I look like… HOORAY!

The below photo is easily my very favorite!

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen at home

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen at home, pic by Haley Stracher

A nice close-up from the same session:

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen's bare feet

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen’s bare feet

The moment I dread most… that mirror view!

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen... mirror mirror on the wall, who's the grooviest chick of all?

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen… mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the grooviest chick of all?

That, directly behind and under me, by the way, is my room…

(Barefoot) Justine "monkey" Mara Andersen

(Barefoot) Justine “monkey” Mara Andersen

I absolutely LOVE our swampy Lake, and living on it is the BEST!

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen overlooking lake Newnan

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen overlooking lake Newnan

After checking out the lake (see above), I take part in my favorite pastime at my favorite place, kayaking on the Lake…

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen on Newnan's Lake

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen on Newnan’s Lake

Hmmm… too many shots of me with eyes closed… here they are open!

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen eyes open

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen eyes open

I love the movie ‘Gator Bait starring Claudia Jennings, and sometimes I enjoy taking the kayak into the swamp and tromping around like “Desirae…”

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen starring as... 'Gator Bait

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen starring as… ‘Gator Bait

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen in the kayak

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen in the kayak

These photos are raw, and perhaps not the ones Haley would have picked for artistic reasons (sorry Haley), but I think they represent me well, and as far as I’m concerned, that is the really important issue… isn’t it?

There will be tons more of these to come, so keep checking in!

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  1. Hey Justine,
    You look beautiful in the photos. Like you, I am a barefooter as well as a yogi that meditates and tries to connect to my environment through my bare feet. Namaste.

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