Sabbatical Over!


I have cleaned off my workspace, recovered my drawing table (that Joe Courter made) from storage, have turned the TV towards my workspace, because…

As of today I am a working artist again.

My long, terribly terribly long, sabbatical is over.

And wouldn’t you know it… after years of nothing… two jobs at the same time… and one of them with with an impossible deadline.

Oh yes, it’s good to be back!

(And in this moment I must be grateful to Lord Ganesh… for this is the outcome I had hoped for when I had my artwork blessed in the Temple before I left Ohio.)

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    • Thanks, Vas. I’ve always had work, though often not the right kind, and even when I did have the right kind, it was never enough. For the moment I have more than enough of exactly the right kind of work.

  1. Happy you’re back as a working artist. Must be a very feeling, indeed! Incidentally, if any of your art work is for sale, please let me know, as I may be interested in purchasing it. Once again, happy to learn the wonderful news!

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