New Pics In Gallery 7!


To all my regular viewers, I have uploaded some new pics into my “photos” galleries (, “Barefoot Justine 7.” They aren’t leftovers, no, not at all. When I first began working up new galleries, sorting, organizing, I made sure to make each gallery as strong as the first couple.

I want to again say what a delight it was to work with Haley Stracher, who was very protective of my appearance. It was like being photographed by a guardian angel… who did from time to time try and talk me into pics I thought were dreadful… but let’s not go into that. There are no dreadful pics here, and again they are 100% pure out of the camera, NO photoshop, no touch-ups, hot or not, these are pics of me, and they are all me, I can tell you.

They are me doing the things I love best, like kayaking (see sample below):

Barefoot Justine Mara Andersen (pics by Haley Stracher) Dragging Boat

Barefoot Justine Mara Andersen (pics by Haley Stracher) Dragging Boat

And just being outside:

Barefoot Justine Mara Andersen (pics by Haley Stracher) Fixing Anklet

Barefoot Justine Mara Andersen (pics by Haley Stracher) Fixing Anklet

Though not merely being outside, but obviously obsessively fussing with something. And that’s just it, her pics capture me as my “meist.” These pics are very honest, rather warts and all (so to speak, though at this precise moment I haven’t noticed any “warts,” but I have noticed plenty of “and all).” Yep, I too have body issues, plenty of ’em, truth be told. It seems every week there’s some new thing about my body that I don’t like: “Have my arms gotten flabby? I think I have those droopy old lady arms!” and the following week: “Is my belly bigger?” It never ends. But what I do know and what I can rest easy on is that I like these pics, and if you do too, it’s enough to know that they are so honest. I wouldn’t lie to you… oh sure, I’ll only show me at my best, but that’s not lying… that’s… “editing.”

There are not only several pics of me lounging at home, but of me out enjoying a barefoot adventure on the lake, or working barefoot teaching at SAW. I mention this as I know I have some foot-fans out there… dig these!

I have more to come, so keep on checking in! And what you have seen here are only samples, there are 10 more just like ’em in my photos gallery.

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