Another Barefoot Woman…


Found this today, and I rather liked both the article and the thoughts of the woman it is about:

Loved this quote, and it is something I have struggled to learn, accept and apply to the many struggles I face when navigating the average man’s world:

“As I get older I find that I value myself far more highly than to worry about what other people think.”
Bea Marshall

I also have to agree with the many points she makes, most importantly her point about enjoying the sensation of being barefoot too much to give it up. She is quite open about that aspect, and I find that refreshing. The sensation is fabulous, and to live without the threat of shoes hanging over my head has been a deep liberation. As I say: “I will not submit or conform,” and THAT is a hard and fast rule. If something requires conformity or submission I find a sneaky way past it or simply choose not to engage in that activity.

I have been kicked out of several places, (places, I might add, that are ignorant of health codes which do NOT require footwear). I have had to work out methods of stealth and discretion, as has she. She wears faux flip flops without bottoms, I find that rarely works, so I simply wear bell bottoms or skirts. I have found that with a modicum of discretion I have been able to navigate my life barefoot very effectively, even lately having navigated courthouses, hearings and the BMV barefoot (I had to do all this for technical NOT criminal reasons). So far the most powerful tool at my disposal has been a smile and a determined look into the eyes of would-be oppressors.

Like her, I have also had rare injuries, and the injuries that have happened to me had nothing to do with my barefoot lifestyle (for example: I tore off a toenail–which grew back quickly–in my room where it is “acceptable” to be barefoot).

Mostly it is simply refreshing to come across other people (women mostly) who are taking this up as a lifestyle choice.

Ladies… we are not alone!

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