Film Vs. Video


I was watching the BBC Dracula with The Beard tonight, and realized something very important: I simply can’t forgive video. I love film. It seems to me that it is a virtual impossibility to create tone on video… anything shot on video has only one tone: shot on video.

And the problem, I realized is this:

Film has the capacity to bring us the universe in all its vastness, and video shows us a landscape as seen through a box.

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  1. Perhaps. Yet I would add that it also depends on the director, the subject or story and the cinematogropher. I recently watched “Silver Lining Playbook” on cable. The constant use of closeups and tight shots allowed for good viewing even on a small “box.” And PBS’s “Sherlock” was an excellent presentation of the subject in its modern setting. But I do agree that most films are bigger in life showing more than what video does.

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