I Need


I Need
by Justine

I didn’t need my mother’s way,
Nor the shell from her moth-wing sea,
Ill-fitting, petty-pure and pretty,
And designed to her decree.

I didn’t need my father,
Nor his shoulder of salt-stuffed ice,
His sword the stone between us.
Where God’s gifts would not suffice.

I didn’t need my father,
Nor my mother in between,
I found my path through hawthorn,
Over glass where grass was green.

I didn’t need my brother, nor
His maiden oh so holy, ever pure,
Water-thin the blood between us,
None born of Adam could endure.

I didn’t need to be beloved,
Nor to sit upon the throne,
Swallowed whole to turtle silence,
As a teen I dreamt alone,

I need not another man to crave me,
Nor to hide me in the dark,
A secret from his wife and kids,
Prey to one more honeyed shark.

I don’t need one night of company,
Nor to watch a man take flight,
His broken-wing flutter-wind my face,
Flights of passion I’ll not ignite.

I don’t need to be a secret,
Nor to be one more measured lie,
I’ll live on myths I tell myself,
Under another rum blue sky.

I don’t need her brittle scraps,
I’ll not scavenge off their floor,
No worms of comfort crave my ears,
I need my wizard friend forevermore.

I need someone to hold my nights,
To wipe the clutching from my tears,
To gather me when I fall to ash,
To polish hell from all my fears.

If I meet someone in whom my needs
Are met, I’ll bless the day,
Then move along, as I’ve before,
Over no one’s song shall I hold sway.

I need to be at peace alone,
Below the eagles I’ll sleep and sail,
I’ll ache away the chains of night,
And noontime rise to lose the trail.

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