Youtube Comments


Here’s how ALL Youtube comment streams seem to go:

animeman78: I like grapes.

baddogbrad101: grapes suk!

metalmightkilla: What kind of fagit likes grapes? Steak kicks ass!

animeman78: Steaks not a fruit.

metalmightkilla: Fuck you fucktard ill fucking shove a raw steak up your liberal ass.

allmyguns: Grape loving libtard.

animeman78: Sound like metalmightkilla’s the fag, wanting to shove stuff up my ass.


animeman78: All I was saying is that I like grapes, I don’t know what about my liking grapes makes me gay.

metalmightkilla: You’re being a cocksucker makes you a fag.

animeman78: Grapes dont suck, you suck!

allmyguns: Tipical liberal crap.

tamersham21: Grapes are a lot better than that crappy music McCartney’s been putting out.

allmyguns: You can have youre dam grapes, but keep youre Obama loving hands off my guns!

animeman78: I like hats.

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  1. Fuck you Justine, you just wish you were me and had my money…and grapes. McCartney blows, the only thing he has ever ‘done good’ was Yesterday and even dat sucked but not as hard as you. Throws a shoe at you, breaks screen BITCH

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