The Return Of My Poetry!


I pulled my poetry page down some time ago, long personal story, but basically many of the poems were loosely inspired by a real life situation, and there was a chance other people could have been hurt by them, so I had pulled them.

Upon rereading them I see clearly now that these “dangerous” poems were never once about the so-called affair some may well have assumed us to be having, each of these poems were about unrequited love, about being dismissed and considered unworthy by none other than the object of my wayward and unfulfilled affections.

But like all stories attempting to speak from the heart, the poems spoke through exaggerated metaphors and symbols, and had they been misunderstood, or taken too literally, they could have caused unnecessary problems.

Well, the situation resolved itself, leaving them with all and me with nothing, not even my poetry.

I want my poems back.

So, here they are.

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