Pulse, Assault Rifles… What The Fuck?


Everyone is now asking those usual stupid questions: “What are the warning signs? What people should we be suspicious of?” Well, it’s pretty damn simple… the answer is… PEOPLE WITH ASSAUT RIFLES!

Funny how damn easy it is sometimes.

Got an assault rifle? Then you need to be watched. You are a suspect, we cannot trust you. What are assault rifles for? Killing lots of people. If you own an assault rifle… we must assume you are planning on using it for its only intended purpose. Sure, it’s your “god given right” to own one… it’s our right to watch you. What is the common link in all these crimes? Ideology? No. Mental illness? maybe, but… no. Assault rifles? Yep, that’s it! That IS the common link every single time. People with sticks just can’t wreak this kind of carnage… hell, people with simple 6-shooters can’t wreak this kind of carnage.

Things are not as complicated as we make them seem.

How long are we going to let a minority of pinheads complicate matters?

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, let’s just add this up:

A minority of gun-nuts convince us we can’t make any laws restricting their right to own rifles and handguns.

Same minority of gun-nuts convince us we can’t restrict their right to own assault rifles.

Gun-nuts shoot people with assault rifles.

We let gun-nuts keep their guns.

We let same gun-nuts tell us the only way out is to let them carry more guns in public to shoot the gun-nuts with assault rifles.

So… the people who caused this problem, we’re now going to entrust to keep us safe and protect us from the very problem they caused?

And this makes sense to who? And we’re all gonna shrug and be OK with this?

We’ve been doing it their way for how long now?

How’s it working?

Not so good, huh? How long is everyone going to let those guys make the rules? Why is anyone still listening to them?

No… really, stop, think about that for a moment… how has doing it their way worked out? I don’t know about you, but I don’t see any benefits at all… I just see corpses.

The whole notion that “open carry” is the answer, that if more people had guns, these things wouldn’t happen… are you kidding?

So, just because a minority of angry testosterone-addled assholes want to go around stroking their little cocks (…er… excuse me, I mean “big guns”) in public… we all now have to live in the wild west? I, for one, do not want to live in the wild west. Do you want to live in the wild west? This is exactly what is happening in ‘Merica, a small minority of lunatics are condemning us ALL to the wild west, a small minority of frightened limp-dicked men are forcing the rest of us to live under the risk of constant massacres in a gun-slinging culture.

Again… it really is THAT fucking simple.

I have an idea… let’s just tell these nutjobs “NO… fuck off.”

This is madness. That is all it is. It is not a debate, it is not political… it is sheer madness.

This is all part of why I am a virtual recluse. It’s why I live out in the woods with no cable TV, no Facebook, no reality shows, no grim drab colorless ultra-violent dystopic Marvel (or DC) movies, no Twitter… I do not want any part of this madness. Seriously, if this is how people want to run their little world, pretending all this stuff is complicated, constructing this bizarre concept of “reality”… count me out. I’m much happier out here with the deer, the alligators, eagles, and all these sensible trees.

Wake me up when it’s over. Or, at the very least, don’t wake me up until everyone else wakes up.

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