Poetry Reruns…


So, I’ve decided to rerun some of my poems because I have recently gotten involved in an illustrated poetry book. I am pleased with the images and thought I should run them with my poems… plus, no one ever reads my poetry, so I figure if I rerun a few of them, maybe 3 or 4 more people might read them.

Below is an illustration for a poem I did not write.

The rest (below) are all illos. for poems I did write… enjoy!



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  1. I actually read everything you post, including your poems. I just have never commented on them because I wasn’t sure what to say about them. This is my attempt to rectify that.

    I don’t “get” poetry the way some people do. Still, I can tell that your poems are very good, and very heartfelt. They remind me that you’ve endured the kind of suffering I can only imagine, and emerged as a stronger person who has found a measure of peace, despite your continuing struggles. I wish you well in your spiritual journey, and I look forward to more of your poetry.

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