Welcome, come tour through the art of Justine Mara Andersen! Justine is currently doing work for Magic The Gathering and the University Of Florida, teaching online at SAW (sequentialartistsworkshop.org), and has created illustrations for DC Comics, Dungeons and Dragons, Image Comics. Lucasfilm, and more. She has created a fantastic Barbarella cover, and is currently working on her own independent project.

Need an illustrator? Contact Justine above. Just want to see her work? There’s plenty of it above as well.

"What The Lions Saw" cover by Justine

“What The Lions Saw” cover by Justine

One great classic Mara image to wet your appetite for the upcoming all new MARA!



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  1. aghfdk finally got a chance to check out your website! You are amazing, this is amazing, I’m so looking forward to following your work! 🙂

  2. i have your D&D art boxed up, and ready to go. i will have it sent as soon as I get a day off. thank you, again for letting me keep a couple 🙂

  3. Hey caught me by surprise.Been looking for you to talk again. I don’t know what to say, but Sharon my lady died of cancer. Lost it all, but I still managed to save that special disc set you sent me of McCartney. Bless you for that. When you have time please write. Paraphrasing the McCartney song:

    ‘I’m looking through you
    Where did you go?
    I thought I knew you
    What did I know?

    You do look different
    But have you changed?
    I’m looking through you
    Are you still the same’

    Ed McLaughlin aka Boneless

  4. Hi Justine
    I find it totally awesome that you don’t even own any shoes. As a barefooter I wish I could do the same, but I couldn’t get away with being barefoot 100% of the time because of business commitments.
    Don’t you ever get refused entry to stores and restaurants etrc?

  5. Hi Justine

    I find it totally awesome that you don’t even own any shoes. As a barefooter I wish I could do that, but business commitments stop me from being barefoot 100% of the time.
    Don’t you ever get refused entry to stores and restaurants etc?

    • I have been refused entry to 2 or 3 places in 10 months since moving to Florida. It’s amazing what affect simply accepting who you are and how you are meant to be can have. I’m meant to be barefoot. Plus… I’m subversive, and to places like grocery stores, I wear bell bottoms to be discreet.

      • Guess the store employees and managers feel they have a bit of discretion in this regard. Seem they get picky about footwear when they feel the powers that be will be watching. What’s your take on this?

      • My take on this is pretty militant, yet surprisingly pragmatic. I don’t believe in ANY policies that inhibit my personal liberties in this regard. Secondly, people have a problem with bare feet out of fear and ignorance. They think it is far more dangerous than it is. It is scarcely dangerous at all… I’ve been doing it for years. Additionally, it is not a healthcode issue, nor a liability issue… as no court in the US would award damages to a person who walks barefoot into a store. I want to simply repeat that if this truly is the land of the free and the home of the brave, let me be free and brave! Going barefoot is a harmless simple pleasure that has been overcomplicated by the absurdities of life in America at this current time. I hope this addressed your questions effectively.

  6. Hey Justine, I just found this site today. I’m glad that things are going so well for you. It’s great that you’re drawing again!

  7. Hey Justine
    Just wanted to tell you I miss you and am so glad you have found your path. Proud to know you and am lovin your beautiful photos. Great website. Love You

    • Thanks Bev, love you too. And boy, I’ll tell you, I’m more glad than you are that I found my path! Now that I’ve found it I plan to revel in every barefoot step. I loved everyone in Akron, but I’ve found not only my path, but a real home here in Gainesville, this place has really welcomed me with open arms and a lot of warmth.

      • Yaaaay! Can’t wait to visit you in all your glory! Someday, now that I’m no longer employed by that wretched shoe store! Yes you read correctly…..Shoe store! Meant to be!

  8. Jess Franco was a true visionary artist. Such people are not understood or appreciated by

    most of us. It is a rarefied air they breathe.


  9. Hi we Shiva Trust Charity are putting together a magazine/newsletter called Daily Sadhana here in the uk .Do you have any Hindu type illustration we could use .The theme of the first issue is Self Realisation in the west .We are also open to articles 500-1500 words long ,it will be in hard copy and online in a PDF format .Our aim Is to share about Hinduism and support western Hindus

  10. I’ve been looking for blogs by “white Hindus” (lol) and I’m looking forward to reading your posts. The paradigm shift is huge but in the words of Gurudeva from the Kauai’i Hindu monastery “I can, I will, I am able!”

  11. Hi, Justine. I live a barefoot lifestyle, too and that includes driving, stores & restaurants. Yes, you are absolutely correct. It is completely legal, healthy and safe. It is not illegal, it is not in violation of the health department and it is not a liability. It’s always good to meet a fellow barefooter!

  12. I met you years ago at dragon con in Atlanta and was able to get an original punished pic of mara from you back then.
    I have always been a big mara fan and want to make sure my collection is complete. What issues was she in, and how many collected editions did you have of her?
    So glad to find you to ask this after all these years. Really enjoy your artwork.

    • Greg, check out my “contact” page and send me a private email. In the meantime I will try and work all that out for you (she was in a number of books with a number of publishers). I’ll look over my collection and send info when you contact me privately.

  13. Found your beautiful blog by accident and just wanted to say ‘Hi’. I am a fellow 24/7 barefooter from Germany (the nickname meaning “leathery sole”) and completely barefoot all the time. Your texts about why a barefoot life is so strangely exhilarating and fulfilling I found quite thoughtful. Though, yes, you are “more than a pair of feet” – I especially enjoyed the glimpses into the composition and drawing process of your graphic novel. (Had no idea previously that even the arrangement of panels is such a complex task.) So – bravo and keep up the good work!

  14. Hi Justine. I was a big fan of yours back in the Mara comics day. We even corresponded several times and I won a contest. I think I was the only entrant. Anyway I was getting the preliminary thumbnails down for a story idea down and I thought about how you gorgeously draw trees. How much is it for a page of art? Penciled or inked. Thanks. It’s great you’re being who you are.

    • Michael, good to hear from you… I’d probably remember you if we were to meet. Anyhow, regarding art, I just sold almost all of my Dungeons & Dragons illustrations to a collector in Los Angeles, so I haven’t much left, I do, however, have a lovely little postcard watercolor that is a close-up of bark on a tree. If you are serious and you want that (or one of the pieces I still have left), go to my “contacts” section and send me a private email, I’m sure I could sell you something. Also, for reference on trees and bark, look at Arthur Rackham and Eyevind Earle.

  15. Hi Justine, this is Rachel from Rochester 🙂 Finally found you again. Great work as always. I lost touch with you and then I lost your contact info…sorry about that. Anyways I’ll send you an e-mail, love to hear what you’re up to now. Peace By the way, I love my Mara comics…she’s hot like you.

    • Wow, I was hoping we’d connect again some day… so, yes, I remember you very clearly. And please send an email (see my ‘contact’ link above). My life has changed radically, and in every possible way since last we spoke, and (apart from being older) all for the better!

  16. Justine,just recently discovered you.You’re spectactular human being.Love your blog It’s like looking in a mirror.If you’re ever around deland email me.I can take you for a nice sandy hilly run

  17. I’d enjoy meeting you.Anyway,I love your site many levels.Your comment on Frank Frazetta vis-a-vis Boris Vallejo are right on,though I do admit a liking for Julie Bell.I’ve never seen Mara,Ill look for her.Btw,Deland is a college town(Stetson)and has a lot of festivals.

  18. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox Justine. I hope you have found some entertaining music and writing and perhaps made some discoveries. If you haven’t visited for a while come on over and check out some recent posts! Good luck with your eye catching blog. Regards Thom

  19. Hi Justine,

    I just stumbled across your site and I have to say thank you! Thank you, I admire you for being so real, it’s truly a breath of fresh air to see a woman take charge of their life in pursuit of their own happiness and do it on their own terms. I think the lifestyle that you’ve chosen is so much better than “the bus”, I’m reevaluating my own life as well looking to be real again and keeping it natural and simple.

    I got a little taste of your lifestyle last summer when I met a lady who’d lived with me for a while. She was very much like you, thinking independently, s free spirited hippie who also loved living barefooted. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about life, living and happiness.

    You see, I came from the proverbial “bus” and had been on it most of my life. I never knew how much more beautiful life could be up until recently. She’s since moved on (poor life choices). Although it left a void in my life, it did open my eyes and mind to something which I now chose not to be without.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your blog as it’s been very inspirational for me. Also for keeping “real” alive, it’s hard to find down to earth people these days.


      • You’re most welcome. No need to be lonely “off the bus”, we just need to stick together giving support and your blog does an amazing job of the realities of life. Thank you again!
        Oh gawd, the bus… All the more reason to do your own thing, it reminds me of that scene in Pink Floyd’s The Wall

  20. far out. I love it your a master like my self. Although we are different in our works. we are obviously unique in our works. absolutely love it…😎

  21. Happy Birthday Anniversary, Justine, Maistra Extraordinary.i am moving my sailboats to Jacksonville within six months, no later than end of May 2019. See You in Gainesville.

  22. I’m glad to know this. Now I have definitely left Facebook, so I am now much freer to go barefoot everywhere, especially through the mountains. I remain, however, on YouTube.
    I do not think I will make another account on another social platform. I got tired of this closed world.
    I just watched this wonderful movie:

    Thank you very much. I wish you all the best, with health and happiness, in peace !

  23. Hello, I just discovered your art through the cards you did for the Magic: the Gathering Ikoria set. Would it be possible to buy prints of the art you did for those cards? Illuna, trumpeting gnarr, and Parcelbeast are easily my favorite arts in the set.

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