To support Me and Mara:

I hope you enjoyed this video tour of my new work and the room where I live, work, eat and sleep, yep… I live in that ONE room!

Here we will be sharing an exciting new project, a return to my labor of love… Mara! We will be walking you through the unfinished and unreleased pages one at a time, talking about the process, meaning, etc. And we’ll be doing this through blogs and videos of me talking about each page. I’ve been so discouraged by the PC turns in fantasy comics, cinema and everything else. Frankly, I miss the wild and wooly “anything goes” attitude of seventies B-movies and comics, and slowly began to realize that it’s only dead if I let it die in me. Well, gang, it might be dead out there, but it isn’t in here, it isn’t in my heart. Ditto the sort of magical drawing that went on in those Warren Magazines… let’s keep these fantasies alive… together!

And most importantly, in order to get this project up and running, please help the artist feed herself and pay her bills, with your help, we can bring the sort of fantasy we all miss back into out lives!


Mara Introductory Video & Blog:

Mara Video & Blog for Page 1:

Mara Video & Blog for Page 2:

Mara Video and Blog for Page 3

Mara Video & Blog for Page 4:

Mara Video & Blog for Page 5:

Mara Video & Blog for Page 6

Mara video & Blog for Page 7

Mara Video & Blog for Page 8

Mara Video & Blog for Page 9