I’ve always enjoyed drawing other barefoot women, that fixation is currently being satisfied by an autobiographical comic I work on-and-off-again at.

I have to say that I was proud to have brought barefoot girls back into the WOTC world of Dungeons & Dragons, even going so far as to slip one into the background of a Lucasfilm illustration! OK… so they’re weird little victories… but… they’re my weird little victories. For years I created a lot of Fantasy art featuring my own barefoot character. She’s in there, too.

Enjoy these drawings, and if one trips your trigger, contact me, I may be willing to sell it if you make a respectable offer.

And, as always, I am available for hire as an illustrator!

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      • Oh, I will. I’m patient 🙂 I’m going to spend some time browsing through your blog. I read a little bit last night and will continue to explore. You do some lovely, lovely work.

          • Yes, I forgot about that! Thanks for catching the second post. I thought “it didn’t preview” so I sent it again.

            So, like I say, I’m new here. Thank you for the reminder.

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