This gallery showcases some of my professional (and unpublished) comics work. I have worked for DC Comics, Image Comics, Fantagraphics and more. There are also brand new pieces I have done for the upcoming “The Odyssey Of Sergeant Jack Brennan,” and some unpublished works of my own, including the complete 3 page “Midnight Oxycodone Run” comic and more! I am proud to reveal a range of styles and approaches in the below images.

I am seeking a publisher for my unfinished and unpublished graphic novel.

With the exception of the Green Lantern and Guy Gardner pages for DC (where I worked as the inker only), in every other one of these pages I did both pencils and inks.

YES… I am available for hire! (See the “contacts” link above for my email address)


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  1. Hi
    Admire your attitude and free-spiritedness so much. It took me into my early 60’s( I will turn 63 next week) to finallly self-actualize like you have. I work barefoot a lot and go everywhere barefoot as much as possible here in Galveston, a more open-minded town than most Southern cities.
    I , too, am remembered for the quality if my work and friendly personality than being barefoot as I work.
    Being barefoot us pretty easy in a beachtown, as is enjoying skinny-dipping if you are discrete. Galveston is forgiving, sexy, inclusive, and sometimes intoxicating in its beauty.
    Thanks for being such a beautiful person and inspiration. Hope to meet you some day!

  2. I’m glad you are still around doing your thing!

    I had so many Mara issues before I stopped collecting and got rid of so much of my comics. And of course I couldn’t help but notice those bare feet and toe rings of hers….

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