This gallery will change over time, old photos will be removed, new ones added… for the fans of my pics out there… there are some new photos here in this gallery now… and lots of new and old ones to come, so keep checking back in for more!

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    • Thanks Carlos, I like them, too (the pics, I mean). And the decorations are all part of the fun of being barefoot. If I’m not gonna wear shoes I might as well put all the energy other women put into shoes into my feet.

  1. Well, I´m glad 😉 They look great on your feet and work very well on your image. As for energy..all that makes us happy gives us energy, right ? 😉

  2. I think you are beautiful, and you are right about dirt. Shoes are dirtier than feet, and less attractive. With all your foot jewelry, you are saying that you love drawing attention to your feet, as you should. if you ever need an excellent foot massage……

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