This gallery will change over time, old photos will be removed, new ones added… for the fans of my pics out there… there are some new photos here in this gallery now… and lots of new and old ones to come, so keep checking back in for more!

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  2. OMG, you are absolutely beautiful! I love that you posted these and I cannot beliiiieve how beautiful you have become! I wonder if this is sexist to say actually, because you are also really smart and funny and ingenious….so it is not only your beauty that amazes. But you ARE beautiful :-))) LOVE you!

    • Thanks, Daniela… it’s been quite a journey, and considering that I came to you first when I began it, it only seemed right that I should make sure and share these with you. And by the way… I am very pleased with how everything turned out, very very pleased! Thanks for leaving a comment, thanks for having been there, thanks for being there still.

  3. What a bold and honest statement with these photos! You look gorgeous! Hope I don’t sound perverse but anymore nudes of you in the coming future? Simply beautiful and tastefully done!

    • Thanks, Neil. Surprisingly few people (even friends) noticed these were here… I mean, topless photos! What’s a girl gotta do to get some attention? So anyhow, thanks for noticing. I have been wrestling with whether or not to upload new topless pics. The dilemma is… few people seemed to notice them, so why bother? The other element in the dilemma is that these topless pics are one aspect of my BIG FUNKY life, and one aspect only. While I want to celebrate my natural sensuality and hedonism, I am a little wary of my site becoming thought of as a “sex site.” I am afraid that too many topless pics might not only distract people, but might send the wrong signals about who and what I am and what this site is all about–I am an artist, not a pin-up girl, after all. That said, I am not bothered in the least that these photos have a sensual-erotic appeal–that, too is part of my exhibitionistic nature. All that said… yes, indeed, I have another gallery worth stacked up and ready to go. Ah… but to publish or not to publish, that is the question…

      (Oh… and thanks for “gorgeous,” and no, you don’t sound perverse, just naturally appreciative, and thanks to Haley for taking such beautiful and tasteful pics… peace!)

      • i have to ditto Neil’s comments, and I like your philosophy, Justine. As long as you are barefoot, I like the mix of topfree, casual, shorts, loose blouse, whatever… are a dream and I wish I could live your natural, artisitc lifestyle (many years ago). it is a privilege following you and imagining your lifestyle.

        • Peace to you, and thanks… I imagined my lifestyle for years before living it, surviving cancer, and nearly drowning SCUBA diving in the same year, got me moving in the right direction.

  4. Well I can’t wait to see them. Very sexy…nothing better than barefoot and topless.

    Is that Haley’s foot in the one pic? If so you need to tell her to lose the shoes.

  5. I love the barefoot lifestyle and I love your site. As a guy with a foot fetish, I sincerely appreciate your beautiful feet and soles. I hope to see more!!

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