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OK Let’s Stop the Beatle Boyband Shit Already!


The+BeatlesNever+Mind+The+Tremeloes...+Here's+The+Beatles+(2011)+FrtOK, let’s stop this Beatles “boyband” comparison shit. I know that when a band (person, actor, leader, artist) is the biggest thing ever, people just can’t stand it and they have to go on the attack and disassemble them, but this is utter rubbish. I don’t know who started it or where this idea that the Beatles were the first boyband came from, but I’m announcing the end of it here. We are no longer allowed to mutter some crap about the Beatles being the first boyband… as a culture we are done with that. Yes, I, Justine, have the power to make such proclamations and changes of cultural norms and manias, I simply haven’t used that power for good up until today.

The Beatles were far closer to a Punk band early on than a boyband… see attached photo! Yes, they were more like the Ramones than NKOTB, and in so many ways, let’s list them quickly so we can all just drop this:

1) They were not a boyband, boybands aren’t bands. The Beatles were a band. If you can’t see that difference, stop reading.
2) The Beatles endured serious trials of fire in dangerous clubs, toured their asses off and gigged in sweaty little shitholes like any band worth their salt.
3) The Beatles played their own instruments.
4) The Beatles wrote their own songs.
5) The Beatles kicked ass! Their early rock was incomparable, no one could touch them when they were hot, and that includes the fucking Stones!
6) They were little hoodlums from Liverpool, a hard-ass seaport town… not models or refugees from Disney TV.

If it looks like a punk, acts like a punk, plays like a punk and lives like a punk… it’s a fucking punk!

Can I stop here, or do I have to hammer this home? I’d like to stop here.