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New “Barefoot Art” Gallery!


(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen: barefoot MARA3

(Barefoot) Justine Mara Andersen: barefoot MARA3

Since I have so many fans who are into the whole barefoot trip I’m on, I thought I’d post a gallery of my artwork that features other barefoot women. These images have been created over the course of many years, and really only scratch the surface. These drawing span everything from my work on my own independent comic, to WOTC, and even to Star Wars illustrations (yes, once upon a time I was a “Lucasfilm approved” artist). I often drew the feet dirty, which would have only been natural in the lives of the characters in the pieces. I have plenty of other great examples of barefoot women in my work (I never have gotten all that interested in barefoot men, sad to say), but those images will have to wait. I won’t bother uploading anything new to this gallery unless interest is high.

So, from Barefoot Justine to you… a portfolio full of barefoot girls in fantasy and science fiction settings. These are some of my favorite images, and were certainly images in which I show a lot of heart and personal interest… enjoy!

To see the gallery go to the “Galleries” link above and hit “Barefoot Art.” Or just click here: https://barefootjustine.com/galleries/4-barefoot-art/